Japansk Lifting With a Twist

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The technique that stimulates and balances all organs of the body and lymphatic system resulting in a firmer, younger looking face.

Japanese Facelift addresses the face tone by lifting the facial tissues and detoxing, nourishing and re-energizing the body. The result of improving blood, lymph and nerve supply is that your skin looks fresh and luminous. Facial energy points connecting with the meridians that run through the body are also used to ensure an overall wellbeing experience from this facial treatment.

Gesture and expression muscles have a double significance: as wrinkles deepen as we advance in life, they reflect our habits and can be considered almost as emotional scars. This treatment erases the tensions creating the wrinkles, which could explain the well-being effect that accompanies this treatment.

Each treatment includes:

  • Lightly massaging 25 facial acupressure points,
  • Deep but gentle massage using a hydrating serum blend of 20 ambitiously regenerating and indulgent plant and botanical oils to lift and tighten the face,
  • Two deep cleansing and nourishing face masks
  • A massage with cool natural salt balls to calm the invigorated muscles.

The overall effect not only improves muscle tone, a glowing complexion and younger looking skin, but as it works holistically and also gives a feeling of inner relaxation and well-being.