Are you fed up pulling yourself together all the time? Are you tired of struggling against inner obstacles or bad habits? Do you wish that your self-esteem were much higher?

Through hypnotherapy you will get to the roots of your blockages, phobias, anxiety, shame or discomforts and you will restore the balance between the mind and the emotions.

When hypnosis is used - and with the right depth trance - therapy works by a factor that is at least ten times faster than by conscious communication with the client.

Throughout our lives, our minds store all traumatic and dangerous experiences, so that adrenaline is triggered as soon as the mind experiencing a similar dangerous situation. The security system has over the millennia helped to strengthen our species' survival. Often we don’t know the underlying cause of our discomfort, and for the most part are the perilous experiences from the past, not as dangerous to us as adults, even if the body wants us to believe it. Where logic and emotions don’t match, the emotions always win until you reprogramme the mind.

A good example is the fear of spiders. The spider - the Danish at least - can in no way constitute a danger for us (logical thinking), and yet the sufferer of the phobia reacts as if he / she were facing a hungry tiger (the body's security system).

Hypnotherapy can in 1-3 treatments solve issues such as:

Modes, habits and feelings:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Headache
  • nail biting
  • Weight Loss
  • phobias
  • General Anxiety
  • Stress


  • dentist
  • flying
  • exam
  • performance
  • Needles
  • Jealousy

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